It's not a squat, it's not a hinge, it's a SQUINGE!

It's not a squat, it's not a hinge, it's a SQUINGE! - SoCal Kettlebellz
The age old debate surrounding what exactly to call a kettlebell swing is finally over.  If the goal is to create maximum power through your body into the ground resulting in the pendulum motion of a heavy piece of metal out in front of you, then you're gonna wanna do both a squat and a hinge at the same time.  Think of a kettlebell swing as analogous to the motion you'd adopt if you wanted to jump as far as possible out in front of you.  In order to do this, the ideal angle that you'd want to launch your center of gravity at would be 45 degrees.  If all you did was squat and jump with an upright torso, you'd only go straight up with no horizontal component to help you out.  If all you did was hinge, you wouldn't have enough hang time to get you very far.  This is where the concept of the "squinge" is gonna help propel your body or the kettlebell at that same ideal angle.  So it's totally okay for the knees to move forward with a more positive shin angle somewhat as long as your butt goes back as far as you can.  This puts you in the best position to load and explode.  Now grab your bell, give it a shot, and let us know how it goes!