E-Coat Kettlebell

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E-Coat - Our premium Z series kettlebell is painted using e-coat or electrocoating techniques, making it even more durable than traditional powder-coated kettlebells. This e-coat finish is not slippery like enamel plated bells, yet not as rough as powder coated kettlebells.

Smooth Finish- Our kettlebells are made of industrial-grade iron buffed smooth to remove any imperfections that may cause friction or discomfort.

Single Cast- In contrast to other providers who weld on their handles, SoCal Kettlebells are made from a single cast to ensure maximum durability.

Debossed Logo and Weight - We think our logo is pretty rad, but we made sure to recess it in the body of the kettlebell to ensure a more comfortable lifting experience.

Weight in KG & LB- Still not fluent in the metric system? Don't worry we've got you covered. Our kettlebells are debossed with both KG and the LB equivalent.

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We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our powder coated kettlebells. We stand by our product and strive for a best in class customer experience.

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