THE SOCAL KOMBOBELL 12-32KG Adjustable Mace/Kettlebell Combo

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12-32KG Adjustable Mace Kettlebell Combo, aka, THE SOCAL KOMBOBELL

Save Space and Money - The KOMBOBELL replaces an entire set of kettlebells and maces, adjusting to multiple weight variations between 12 and 32 kg (26 and 71 lb) with one base/bottom half of shell, inner weights with a mace handle AND a kettlebell handle.

Extreme Versatility- Adjusting by 2 kg increments, this KOMBOBELL allows for 20 possible variations, including all weights between 12 and 32 with the exception of 13 kg. 

Competition Kettlebell Standard- The kettlebell half meets International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) competition standards. 

Smooth Steel Exterior- Weight increments are held within a smooth steel body to allow for maximum comfort when snatching, pressing, cleaning or swinging.

Macebell Measurements- Length: 102cm/40in, Width: 4cm/1.5in.

Macebell Grip- Knurling at bottom and middle of handle.

Tools- Allen wrench and spanner wrench included for quick and easy adjustment.



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